Max is a fulltime professional outdoor sports adventure photographer and a real mountain addict, currently located in the beautiful city town of Kufstein, Austria.
His parents have never been connected to the mountains, but he was lucky enough to learn skiing as a child and get introduced to climbing by his uncle. Nevertheless it took quiet some years until his increasing desire to explore the mountains got satisfied. At the age of 14 he got shown around the foothills of the Bavarian Alps by his good friend and climbing partner Jakov. A passion was born that lasts until today.
It simply does not get boring to go on a skitour after the latest snowfall, go rock climbing with friends, ride the mountain bike or just lace up the running shoes for a training lap. It does not need to be far away or high up – great adventures are waiting in the backyard...
His excitement for photography is even older than his passion for outdoor sports: Over twelve years ago he picked up his dad’s camera and started to learn the basics of this trade in his parent’s garden photographing simply everything. As the years passed by he skipped through the different genres, developed his skill set of visual storytelling and ended up documenting his alpine adventures..
Max‘s intention is to capture frames that inspire others to go out and experience their own adventures. His clients value his creative mind-set, his reliability in extreme situations and the motivation and energy that he brings to the scene.​​​​​​​
Represented by
Alpina Sports, ALPIN, Deutscher Alpenverein, Sektion München des Deutschen Alpenvereins e. V., QIIN Medivital Lounge, Zauber des Nordens, Desio GmbH, Sigma Deutschland, Der Spiegel, UTAT, Tourismusverband Kitzbüheler Alpen, e3 Media House, ORTOVOX, VAUDE ...
These companies make me keep moving as they support me with excellent gear. Thanks a lot for this!
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